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Opening Video – DADAN

  From source: Client – 广告门/Adquan Creative Agency – LxU Studio Director – 李雨/Levi Art Director – 魏婷婷/Una Design – 余思阳/Ze21 Animation Director – 王英飞/BigF Animation – 李晓宇/Alan Music – Scratch My J.AZZ Advertisements

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Future you – Illo

  From source: A set of colorful gifs, up-tempo teasers and an outdoor campaign for our favourite make-up and hairstyling school. Check out credits & the full set of gifs here Studio – Illo

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Gradient – IV

  Client: Direction: IV Exec. Producer: Samuel Cowden Creative Director: Zac Dixon Animation: Zac Dixon, Maxwell Anderson Design: Zac Dixon Cinematography: Samuel Cowden Sound Design: Samuel Cowden Music: Cody Fry

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