#CanadianIcons Compilation – Giant Ant

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From source:

For Canada’s 150th birthday, we decided to create a little studio project. In pairs, each artist worked on 2 spots—design, animation, or both. Oh Canada.


Creative Direction: Henrique Barone, Jay Grandin
Producer: Cory Philpott
Writing: Cory Philpott, Jay Grandin
Music: Ryland Haggis
Canada150 Logo Animation: Nicholas Ferreira
Giant Ant Logo Animation: Matt James

Design: Marion Bordeyne
Animation: Henrique Barone

Alanis Morissette
Design: Diego MacLean
Animation: Conor Whelan

Frances Phipps
Design: Conor Whelan
Animation: Matt James

Leonard Cohen
Design: Eric Pautz
Animation: Diego MacLean

Chris Hadfield
Design: Shawn Hight
Animation: Jay Grandin

Clara Hughes
Design: Whitney Lam
Animation: Nicholas Ferreira

Ryan Gosling
Design: Jay Grandin
Animation: Whitney Lam

Pamela Anderson
Design: Henrique Barone
Animation: Taylor Peters

Michael J Fox
Design: Marion Bordeyne
Animation: Taylor Peters

Terry Fox
Design: Rafael Mayani
Animation: Shawn Hight

Joni Mitchell
Design: Eric Pautz
Animation: Henrique Barone, Nicholas Ferreira

Jim Carry:
Design: Rafael Mayani
Animation: Matt James


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