Tongue Twisters – Mercedes-Benz

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From the source:

Artist Noma Bar uses animation with fast transitions to highlight the benefit of a safety system by Mercedes-Benz, using of negative space, iconic graphics and double-meaning imagery.
His film Biker, which was released online, tells the story of a Mercedes that succeeds in braking right on time to avoid a collision with a biker on its blind spot. All of this, thanks to a nifty safety feature: Active Blind Spot Assist.

The film dramatizes a complicated traffic situation as a tongue twister and literally narrates it from the perspective of the safety system, fast and flawlessly.

Bar created several visual metaphors and mixed them with typography to accompany the fast voice-over. Each frame fits exactly a word. The film is the first in an animated series to be released highlighting Mercedes-Benz smart safety systems.


Noma Bar – Illustration & Direction
Alejo Accini – Animation – Ale Pixel Studio
antoni Berlin – Advertising Agency
Marcell Francke – Creative Director – antoni Berlin
Erick Barrios Hernández – Copywriter – antoni Berlin
Matti Lietsch – Copywriter – antoni Berlin
Wolfgang Warzilek – Art Director – antoni Berlin
Daniel Righi – Art Director – antoni Berlin
Valerie Opitz – Art Buyer – antoni Berlin
Dutch Uncle – Production Company
Sound – nhb studios Berlin GmbH

Other Tongue Twisters –


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