Decision Time, Valerie: Train Vs Car – Virgin Trains

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‘Spandau or Speedcore?’ asks Virgin Trains in debut work by Anomaly
Virgin Trains boldly presents itself as akin to a relaxing Spandau Ballet track compared to stressful rival transport modes in Anomaly’s debut work for the brand.

The brand said it has taken a “completely different approach in its advertising” with this integrated campaign across TV, outdoor, radio and social after appointing Anomaly in January.

In a bid to drive customer reappraisal, the brand is aiming to show how Virgin Trains is good value for money while offering unique benefits. The brand launched two similar 30-second ads on 11 June, each of which features job interviewee Valerie, whose competing choices between the train and a car (or a train and plane in the second ad) are laid bare.

While Virgin Trains is presented as a relaxing and colourful experience, using Spandau Ballet’s True as the soundtrack, the alternative options are grim, stressful and blighted by a Speedcore techno track.

The TV ads were written by executive creative director Oli Beale and Craig Ainsley at Anomaly and directed by Emmy award-winning director Tom Kuntz through MJZ. Anomaly has also created a hero 60-second ad which is going live on 17 June.

Katie Knowles, marketing director at Virgin Trains on the West Coast, said: “In order to drive behaviour change and get people to consider the Virgin Trains as their preferred mode of transport, we needed to create a campaign that would be fundamentally disruptive.

“Through our new advertising we’re putting our product and experience front and centre, driving reappraisal in a fresh, exciting way.”

Agency – Anomaly



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