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In the first of its kind, Mercedes-Benz launched a live 12-hour commercial.

While the automotive industry rushes to launch its latest innovation in the electric car market, the Mercedes-Benz vision for electric car driving isn’t just a concept—it’s happening today. Right now.

But it’s only one of the millions of incredible things happening right here in this moment. To showcase right NOW in the most exciting, unpredictable, no way possible, we created the first live commercial. Live for twelve hours and all shot—and broadcast—in real-time.

The film was captured with multiple live cameras and data feeds, and live edited into a single stream on YouTube—a 60 second “Vision Mix” that looped 720 times within the 12 hours. The truly magical part was, every time it looped, the film evolved from its previous versions.

No matter how many times you watch the film, you’ll never see the same thing twice. And just like the world of Mercedes-Benz, it truly captured and demonstrated innovation that’s happening right NOW.

Agency – Unit9


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