Unimpossible Missions – GE

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A Snowballs Chance in Hell:

Catching Lightning in a Bottle:

You Can’t Unring a Bell:

From the source:

GE has launched a series of films that bring good things to life with a bold new attitude.

Created by BBDO, the videos send GE engineers on “Unimpossible Missions” designed to highlight the company’s problem-solving skills and the breadth of its cutting-edge technology.

“There’s a whole branch of idioms called ‘idioms of improbability’ that describe things that are impossible or unlikely to occur,” Michael Aimette, executive creative director at BBDO, tells Adweek. “We decided to disprove these. We brainstormed many options, and landed on ‘Snowball’s Chance in Hell’ for our hero concept.”

The clips, running more than two minutes each, cast techies as badass mythbusters with advanced degrees. Stylistically, note the tongue-in-cheek, action-movie music cues and cinematic editing techniques—as well as relaxed, assured narration that informs and entertains. Such elements are well deployed to create a fun and sophisticated viewing experience.

The signature spot, “Snowball’s Chance in Hell,” sets the tone for all the installments, touting advancements from GE’s aviation, power and healthcare divisions.

Agency – BBDO


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