Boulder – Rapha Rides

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From the source:

“As you age, you starting living more in the present and in the past, and not as much in the future…”

We made this film for Rapha, featuring cycling legend and overall wonderful soul, Connie Carpenter. The original brief was to make a short snapshot about the cycling culture of Boulder, but after they gave us Connie Carpenter as the narrator, the film took on a life of its own.

Thank you Connie, for letting us into your life for a couple of days. May more of us have a similar outlook on life one day.

Original score by Ryan Oxford and Christian Blunda (

Executive Producer: Dalia Burde
Creative Director: Amani King
Director/DP/Edit/Sound Design: Spencer MacDonald
Production Manager: Bijan Rafie-Tari
AC: Drew Kass
Production Co: Avocados and Coconuts
Art Director: David Evans
Sound Mix: Chris @ Audiolux
Color: AJ Molle
Client: Rapha


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