Power Wall – Mercedes AMG

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From the source:

Mercedes-AMG tasked our studio with creating a unique digital experience to showcase the key characteristics of what makes their high-performance vehicles the best in the industry… “The Mercedes-AMG Power Wall.” We developed a two-screen, interactive real-time 3D experience that can literally “explode” every car in the lineup, allowing customers to see what’s under the hood, and what makes the One Man – One Engine philosophy so special.

A series of engine, transmission, suspension, exhaust, and brake animations were produced – all of which can be rotated and manipulated at any time during the user experience. An intuitive user interface was created to unify the entire experience. This allows for easy navigation that feels natural and non-disruptive to the overall installation. All vehicles and components are presented on a massive 220 inch, 4K display, built off the CAD data used to manufacture these exclusive vehicles.

As a result, users are able to interact with Mercedes-AMG vehicles in ways that have never before been possible. From concept to creation, from illustration to final animation, we worked closely with Mercedes-AMG to produce this one-of-a-kind retail experience.

Client: Mercedes-AMG / Concept, Design & Direction: All Things Media / Installation: Promotion Technology Group



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