Recommended TV – Netflix

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From the source:

“It may be surprising to the technologically savvy, but SmartTV interfaces are one of the most common ways people watch Netflix. And, if you’ve ever used one, you know that it can be a less-than-stellar experience. Well, it turns out that they’re not all created equal.

Netflix wanted a fun and engaging way to educate people about their Netflix Recommended TV program—a program that certifies SmartTVs that run apps really well. The video needed to communicate the message both with and without audio, and still communicate its purpose effectively.

Client: Netflix
Direction: IV Studio
Executive Producer: Samuel Cowden
Creative Directors: Zac Dixon, Samuel Cowden
Writers: Samuel Cowden, Andrew House
Netflix Producer: Andrew House
Illustration/Animation: Allen Laseter
Music: Cody Fry
Voices: Cody Fry, Zac Dixon, Samuel Cowden, Taylor Blair


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