The Heist: Make Experience Your Business – Adobe Experience Cloud

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Last week Adobe unveiled a hilarious spot titled ‘Keep up with Hovering Art Directors’ to promote Adobe Stock. Now, it’s followed up with another rib-tickling commercial, this time for its new Adobe Experience Cloud.

The software suite aims to help companies and customers connect more closely and efficiently via multiple digital interactions. Adobe Experience Cloud is a combination of Adobe’s Marketing, Advertising and Analytics Cloud products to amalgamate information.

‘The Heist’, crafted by Goodby Silverstein & Partners and directed by Steve Rogers, introduces the software suite’s new tagline, “Make experience your business”.

“…[It’s] time to rethink business, and to consider how digitally enabled experiences can be improved at every customer touch point,” says Alex Amado, Adobe VP of experience marketing.

“We’re employing the age-old ‘Show the benefits, not the features’ tactic. The technology is powerful and flexible, and not well suited for explanation within a commercial spot. So, we tell a much more interesting and relevant story by speaking in a language that our audience is very responsive to—the language of their own customers’ experiences.”

Agency – Goodby Silverstein & Partners


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