RETHINKERS: The recruitment challenge – Dyson

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“Dyson’s latest recruitment campaign is a little different from your run-of-the-mill job interview. Designed to “find the world’s brightest minds”, the firm has set a series of challenges to be solved to unlock access to a trip to Dyson’s campus in Wiltshire to meet CEO Max Conze.

Details about what the challenge entails are a little vague. In the YouTube video’s description, it simply says: “Do you have what it takes? Find The Key, and start your challenge here. Watch and listen carefully. #DysonRethinkers.”

The video itself shows the word Rethinkers in the centre. Each of the letters are animated and expanded before what looks like parts of an engine or motor, including cogs and bolts, fill the background. It then ends with the word: “”

The puzzle was created by Livity. Strategy director Felix Morgan said that the challenge was launched exclusively to reddit a day early in order to engage the “most influential and logical thinkers on the internet.”

The challenge is aimed at people in further education or recent graduates and only people who meet the criteria will be able to win the trip, but Dyson has said anyone can play the game for fun.”

Agency – Livity




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